What's likely to be the last Symbian device out of Nokia, the 808 PureView, has just gone up for pre-order at Amazon UK for the price of £499.98. The 808's headline feature is an enormous 41-megapixel image sensor that outperforms anything and everything we've seen from cameraphones — and most point-and-shoot pocket cams as well — but its price is not inconsiderable. At just under £500 unlocked, the 808 will have to do battle with Samsung's Galaxy S III and Apple's iPhone 4S, while HTC's One X undercuts them all at £437 from Amazon. So finding a market may be a struggle for this new device from Nokia, but if you're convinced you need that amazing camera in your life, Amazon promises a June 30th release date for the UK — just over a week ahead of the July 8th launch for the US.