Why WP 7.5 users should not panic


Ok guys, I have seen this example over and over again:

- - WP 7.5 is dead after 3 months of buying Lumia, no apps after the WP8 launch

This statement is wrong and here is why:

Let’s say you purchased Lumia on April so it’s 7 months till October or 8 since it’s rumored for late October release.

Do you really think that developers will stop developing for WP 7.8? A lot of people I know sill target Android 2.3 because it has so much market share. Same will happen with WP 7.8, in fact, you will get a shitload of new apps because of the WP8 hype and the fact that it literally has 0 users at this moment while there are millions of you, who use WP 7.5 already.

In addition to that, Microsoft said that they will support phones for at least 18 months so expect Windows Phone 7.9 sometime next year.

TL;DR: You will still get a lot of new apps for at least another year AND if WP 7.5 becomes Tango like platform for low end phones, expect even more.