Engineer and artist Ken Goldberg talks about the future of cloud-educated robots as well as his current work developing surgical robots that can learn in a recent interview with Humans Invent. Goldberg thinks that robots will be able to learn by drawing on information stored in the cloud, saying “just in the same way as humans as a species are getting smarter because we are able to share information much quicker and build on innovations faster, robots have that potential as well.” He is currently working on an open-source surgical robot called Raven, which has been trained by humans rather than programmed. "Essentially the robot observed human motions and then inferred them using statistical machine machine learning," Goldberg said, adding "the preliminary results are really exciting." Goldberg is also working with doctors at the University of California, San Francisco and engineers at Johns Hopkins University to build a robot that will carry out a type of cancer surgery that targets the disease with radioactive seeds. For more on his current projects and his predictions for the future of robotics, check out the full article at the source link below.