Solution to download/buy apps not available in my region?

Okay, this annoys me to no end. The internet is supposed to be global. Having digital online app stores, yet restricting it to certain markets/regions/countries defies the idea of internet distribution. Worse, I'm talking about the supposedly open Android market.

I've been searching around, but there doesn't seem to be a definite solution. Apparently there used to be apps like Market Unlocker/Enabler, but Google pulled those apps out from the App store for whatever reason (God forbid people can purchase more apps). Even worse, the Google Play store uses IP address to detect where it's being accessed. So seems like the solution that I see is this:

1. Root the phone
2. Install those apps from alternate source
3. Spoof your IP via a proxy
4. Spoof your ID as if you are from the respective country

Sounds like a ridiculous thing to do, but seems like that's the only way, isn't it? Extremely frustrating.