While it hasn't really been that long since the Kindle Fire was unleashed last November, it sounds like Amazon is getting ready to release the next version of its flagship hardware. CNET is reporting that new Kindle Fire hardware could be released as early as July 31st, alongside a refreshed lineup of E Ink Kindle ereaders. A few of the changes CNET is hearing about include a camera (no word on whether it is front- or back-facing) and hardware volume buttons — unfortunately, it's not yet clear whether the Kindle Fire will receive a storage upgrade, Bluetooth, or a higher-resolution screen. However, given the strong rumors of a 7-inch, $199 Nexus tablet from Google with a 1280 x 800 display, we'd expect Amazon's next hardware to at least match those specifications. If Amazon really wants to compete with Google on price, we might see the Kindle Fire with special offers make its first appearance — a new Kindle Fire at less than $199 would certainly give Google's rumored tablet some strong competition.