What do you expect to see from Google I/O?


With Google I/O starting tomorrow, what features do you want to see from it? Here's what I want to see

More free cloud storage - With the Nexus tablet rumored to only have 8GB for the $199 version, I am willing to bet dollars to donuts that it (along with possibly the Gnex) are going to be bundled with free cloud storage. Hopefully this leads to all Google users being able to have more Cloud storage space.

Lapdock with ChromeOS - With the purchase of Motorola, I think Google is going to utilize this feature in their Android devices. Remember how mesmorized you were when you saw the Atrix at CES 2011, but were left with disappointment when you saw how poorly it performed? I think Google is going to take the lapdock idea and go pro with it by building a ChromeOS app and allow that to launch when it detects an external keyboard/trackpad. I think this would be BRILLIANT, not only because I think the public is generally in favor of things like the Transformer, but because ChromeOS' future is very mysterious on how it will be utilized. With more processing going to the cloud, and more and more powerful ARM SoCs, I think you can make a pretty power package that would truly be an all-in-one device that won't sacrifice performance. Who wants to buy expensive, hardware for ChromeOS...build it right into Android!

Offline clients - Google needs to build an offline client on Windows and OSX for Docs, Music, Gmail, etc. If you're going to have apps for these services on Android, why not build apps for our main computers? I doubt we'll see this happen, but I'd like to be able to cache music on my computer like i can on my phone, or be able to view & edit docs without going to the website.

I'm not sure what's in store for Jellybean. I really hope it's an optimizer like Froyo was compared to Eclair. But to plan for the future, I hope Goog is ready to match Windows 8 feature for feature. Windows 8 will have a leg up with multiple user accounts, the app on the sidebar feature, and other things. In 6 months, the tablet market is going to be like this: Apple - apps, Windows 8 - features, Android - inexpensive. I don't think being the inexpensive choice is going to be enough, they are going to need another hook. Maybe "double-down" on content and buy up Hulu, Spotify and Netflix? Wishful thinking, but I think those projects are right up Google's ally.

And before anyone says it, as for a Siri compeitor , I can tell you right now that no one cares about context-aware voice control. Gestures and intuitive design is much more useful than gimmicks that you'll use for the first day and then never again. I'm not trying to be an Apple basher, but seriously, does anyone use Siri on a day-to-day basis? What's your thoughts?