One day ahead of Google I/O, Sirius XM has told Reuters that it will be offering its entire programming mix on Google TV. The Sirius XM app for Google TV will feature a pause function for live shows and "play back up to five hours of content," a feature that allows listeners to queue up any radio from up to five hours in the past. Sirius XM already has iPhone and Android apps with the same feature-set, but even so that won't be enough to get the app out the door on Google TV until an undetermined point "this summer." The app will only work for current subscribers, of course.

Even though it launched apps for Google TV back in October and attempted to make a big splash at CES this year, the company has struggled to get serious adoption despite Eric Schmidt's claim that it would be on the "majority" of new televisions by the summer of 2012 (aka: now). Getting a radio network will help, but it's video partnerships that Google TV sorely lacks — perhaps we'll find out if Google has solved that problem at Google I/O tomorrow