EVO is an event usually associated with world-class tournaments for games like Street Fighter and Marvel vs. Capcom. But this year some prominent head-to-head indie games are joining the fight as well. Leading the charge will be Mark Essen's famously addictive low-res fencing game, Nidhogg, and Noah Sasso's BaraBariBall, a fast-paced multiplayer e-sport, both of which made their debut at NYU's No Quarter exhibition.

There's also Chris Hecker's Spy Party, a competitive reverse-Turing test where keen observation and subtle movements win the day; Aztez, a turn-based strategy game; and Super Time Force, a time-warping run-and-gun from Sword & Sworcery developer Capy Games. And if nothing else, fighting fans would be remiss not to check out Divekick, a stripped-down, two-button versus fighter based entirely around one of the most annoying moves in fighting games. (If you have any doubts, get hype by watching this amazing six minute-long trailer)

"While on the surface EVO is a fighting game tournament for hardcore fans, dig a little deeper and you’ll learn that it’s much more than that," said Capy CEO Nathan Vella, who says he sees a lot of overlap between the indie and fighting game communities. "With this in mind, I'm extremely excited that EVO has partnered with the other indie game developers to showcase their games in the Indie Gaming Showcase." Organizers are expecting record attendance at EVO 2012, which will bring top players from around the world to compete for more than $100,000 in prize money. The tournaments run from July 6 – 8th at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas.