Play store expansion for their Nexus tablet today?

I just remembered about the domain name story and thought I'd remind everyone. At the beginning of March, Google registered a load of 'Play' related domains. Everyone assumed they were for a new tablet called Play but we soon learnt that it was in fact for the new marketplace (and then people forgot about them).

Here is a reminder of the list of domains:

As you can see, things like music and movies are already things established in the Play Store. However, with the Nexus 7 tablet expected to be a content-driven device that competes with the Kindle Fire, I think it would be safe to assume that other sections are going to be added to the Play Store following Google I/O. Judging from the domains I would say that today we will see the announcement of:

Play Magazines
Play Newspapers
Play TV

I think Play TV is unlikely though as Google has often had a hard time getting content deals. Plus it would be strange to have TV shows separate from Play Movies, unless they are both rolled into one and Google offers a Netflix like service? That would be amazing but again, unlikely I think.

Only time will tell, can't wait for this evening :)