New headphones

Time to test the Vergeforums powers of recommendation.

So I'm inhabiting a new nook and while I did bring one of my MDR-7520's with me, the default tone of the headphone isn't actually all the much to my taste - I just tend to use it a lot in vocal monitoring / Skype as it tends to 'fatten up' the sound, and I personally prefer something with more innate accuracy, in the vein of the Beyerdynamic Tesla T1.

Now there are a few reviews up of the ATH-W3000ANV - one of the phones I'm interested in, the problem is that of the ones I've seen they're in the typical flowery prose of the BSdiophile. The question also arises, as with many of the 'super duper special edition' Audio-Technicas, just how much of the total price I'm paying for the fancy Echizen laquer and Asada cherry tree wood vs the drivers and sonic design. A not totally emotional comparison between e.g. the HD650 and the T1 - two headphones in my inventory already - would be nice.

I'd thought about an ortho but since I'll be driving the phones directly from the headphone outs of the Fireface UFX I will stick to regular dynamics.

I don't mind closed or open, but I would prefer something with a hint of isolation, i.e. not completely open. "Get [mention product]" recommendations are useless, so please list reason why you'd recommend. I have no real upper limit in mind terms of budget - I will probably start to go "Que?" at the $3-5K range but higher has not stopped me in the past, either because it's undeniably unique or has a combination of attributes I deemed worthy of the price. It would obviously help if they have some uniquely cool quality apart from great sound for the 'happy owner factor'.

Now, to save you and me time, please look at my gdgt list before you recommend - since I'm not interested in re-buying anything I've had. gdgt - had list

Thanks for any recommendations.