Your worst cinema/movie theatre experience!

Seeing as the summer movie season has well and truly kicked off I thought it would be fun to share some horrible movie going experiences. This is not a thread about bad movies but the actual experience of seeing it.

Feel free to tell tales of crappy projections, ignorant staff, ignorant moviegoers, basically any stories about the general douchebaggery of the public!

My personal worst was during The Dark Knight, which was rated 12A in the UK meaning you have to be 12 to get in but younger kids can go in with a parent.

A film review radio show I listen to had said in their review that you should stick to the 12 guideline so I was surprised when a man and two kids who could have been no older than 6 sat a few rows in front of my friends and eye. Sure enough, as soon as the Joker did his 'pencil trick', SCREEEEEEEAM for at least 10 minutes. These bouts of screaming continued at various points throughout, and at no point did this moron dad think to take them outside to calm down.

This is one of the reasons I now wait for movies to be out a week and then go to a 1 p.m showing!