Former denizen of Silicon Valley Bill Davidow thinks that the values of tech companies and their leaders are deteriorating as a result of their "unapologetic pursuit of wealth." Davidow, whose career includes a stint at Intel as SVP of marketing, explains how he learned the values of focus, execution, and building trust with customers from HP founders Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard when he started at the company in 1965. He takes digs at major players like Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Google, and Zynga, saying that their primary goal of wealth and the changing landscape of dwindling consumer power will have a negative impact on growing and future internet businesses.

Instead of working to form a bond of trust with customers, Davidow says that these and future businesses are forming a different set of values, "the values of customer exploitation." For more on Davidow's Silicon Valley experience and his concerns for the future of internet business, take a look at his full article at The Atlantic.