Google I/O 2012: everything you need to know

Google's I/O developer conference at Moscone Center in San Francisco kicked off off today with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, the Nexus 7 tablet, and a wild, Project Glass-infused skydiving event. Stay up to date with all the news from I/O 2012 in this handy Story Stream.

Major Updates

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    60 about 2 years ago 16

    A closer look at Google's Android Accessory Development Kit 2.0

    Last year Google announced the Accessory Development Kit (ADK) for Android, a hackable Arduino box that let you hook up your phone or tablet over USB and program it to work with various apps. It was a pretty stripped-down affair, though, so the company's taken a more design-focused approach with the ADK 2.0, announced at I/O 2012 and explored in detail by Wired. As you can see above, the new ADK has a radical new form factor, and it actually works as a programmable alarm clock and audio dock...

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    That $900 I/O fee looks like more and more of a bargain
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    59 about 2 years ago 5

    Android Developer Relations team releases 28 videos from the I/O sessions

    Google I/O 2012 has come and gone, but the team over in Mountain View has some new goodies to share with those who couldn't make it out this year. The Android developers team has just posted a huge playlist of 28 videos known as the Android Sessions. Nearly all of these videos are a full hour long, so any Android developer wanting to catch up with all of the news from I/O should block off a lot of time on his or her calendar — and that's not even including the more consumer-focused keynote p...

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    Settle in — there's over a day of video here
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    58 about 2 years ago 15

    Google introduces new YouTube API for Android

    If you were distracted by all the skydiving and BMX stunts at Google I/O, you may have missed a new YouTube API for Android, announced by Ross McIlroy and Anton Hansson. Set to be made public in the coming months, the API solves a common problem for Android developers, allowing YouTube video content to be embedded seamlessly in native apps.

    Currently, developers are limited to either embedding video as Flash content, which limits access to the API, or as an iframe in a webview, which Android...

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    Say goodbye to workarounds
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    57 about 2 years ago 662

    Android 4.1 Jelly Bean review

    Google's latest version of the Android operating system is here and will be rolling out to a precious few devices later this month. Unlike the last iteration, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean is more about refinement than revolution, but a new feature called "Google Now" has the potential to finally achieve some of the promises we've all heard from smartphone companies for years now. Beyond that, if you're one of the (sadly small) number of people who have used stock Android 4.0, there's nothing here...

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    Google's ecosystem comes together
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    56 about 2 years ago 478

    Android manufacturers mostly mum on Jelly Bean updates as Google tries to repair a broken system

    After any major OS update, the first question on everybody's mind is naturally "When can I get it?" As Android owners know all-too-well, the answer to that question inevitably involves waiting, rumors, innuendo, leaks, and often crushing disappointment. With the announcement of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean at Google I/O, there was the same hope there is for every Google I/O: that the situation would change. Sadly, it's not at all clear that it will — if the responses we've gotten from major Android...

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    Sugar crash
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    55 about 2 years ago 29

    Nexus Q features Magic 8-Ball Easter egg

    So, you've just laid out close to $300 on Google's enigmatic Nexus Q media streaming device, you've hooked it up to your home entertainment system, and you've worked your way through your backlog of Google Play content. What, you want more functionality? Well, true to form, Google has hidden one of its traditional Easter eggs away in the Q's software. Similarly to the Jelly Bean trick accessed by mashing on the software version number, a series of rapid taps on the Nexus Q's image will reveal...

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    This explains the shape, at least
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    54 about 2 years ago 55

    Vizio Co-Star hands-on: take a chance on Google TV at $99?

    We showed you Vizio's tiny $99 Google TV and feature-heavy remote control back at CES, but it wasn't quite ready for primetime: here, at Google I/O in San Francisco, we sat down with Vizio CTO Matt McRae to discuss the impending July launch, and got our first real look at the Vizio Co-Star's UI.

    In case you're not familiar, the Co-Star (formerly known as the VAP430) is an exceptionally small Google TV set top box about the size and shape of a large steamed meat bun, but far more sleek. It...

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    Fun fact: It could have been the Vizio Sidekick.
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    53 about 2 years ago 3

    Watch this: Google's I/O 2012 day two keynote video now live

    Google's second keynote didn't contain as many hardware announcements as the first, but the company did provide a closer look at its ancillary software. The first major announcement was that Chrome would be coming to the iPhone and iPad, and we've already gotten a chance to give it a spin. Next, it was announced that Google Drive would be coming to iOS and Chrome OS, featuring optical character and image recognition, as well as real-time collaboration. Google also unveiled a totally new...

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    From Chrome to Compute Engine
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    52 about 2 years ago 336

    Google Nexus Q review

    Six months ago former Google CEO Eric Schmidt predicted that Google TV would be embedded on the majority of new televisions by this summer. That hasn't happened, but it's not stopping Mountain View from entering the living room from a different angle — with its own branded media streamer, the Nexus Q. The Q acts exclusively as a receiver for audio and video content from Google's online media services, all controlled with your Android tablet or smartphone. At $299, it's positioned as a US-made...

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    The best and worst of Google in a two-pound sphere
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    51 about 2 years ago 282

    Matias Duarte on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and the Nexus 7 (video)

    At Google I/O, we sat down with Android's head of user experience, Matias Duarte, to talk about Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, the Nexus 7, and the premiere Google Now feature. It was a casual conversation where Duarte gave us the skinny on Google's philosophy behind its new products this week. It's Friday, come chill out on the couch with Josh and Matias for 20 minutes of design, insight, and laughs.

    Google Now: It's information waiting for you.
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    50 about 2 years ago 15

    Watch this: Google's I/O 2012 day one keynote video now live

    Google's first keynote of I/O 2012 proved to be a big one earlier this week, introducing new software updates and hardware. The biggest news was the company's Nexus 7 tablet, a low-cost 7-inch Android Jelly Bean device that goes head-to-head with Amazon's Kindle Fire. Google also announced its Nexus Q device at the event, a cloud-based audio and video streaming appliance designed to pull media from Google's Play Store and YouTube.

    Asides from the hardware, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean got its...

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    Two hours of Google fun
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    49 about 2 years ago 79

    Google Chrome for iOS goes straight to the top of the App Store charts

    While Chrome for iOS may not be much more than a skin on top of Mobile Safari, that doesn't seem to have put off the denizens of the App Store — they've sent Google's browser to the number 1 position in the free app charts. In our hands-on, we liked the Chrome mobile interface and appreciated the way it syncs with the desktop browser, though App Store restrictions stop it matching Mobile Safari for speed. It's definitely worth checking out, especially if you use the most popular browser in...

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    A new home for Chrome
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    48 about 2 years ago 173

    Nexus 7: how a budget Asus tablet vanished — and reemerged as Google's Kindle Fire killer

    I'd be willing to bet that most people believe Google's Nexus 7 tablet is a wholly new design: that Google contracted Asus to produce a $199 Kindle Fire killer in just four months, like Andy Rubin and Asus chairman Jonney Shih told AllThingsD last night.

    The truth is far more complex. The truth is that the Nexus 7 is the Asus ME370T, an Android tablet whose destiny has repeatedly changed.

    At CES 2011, a year and a half ago, Asus announced the Eee Pad MeMO, a 7-inch tablet with Android 3.0, a...

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    The Nexus 7 was a long time coming
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    47 about 2 years ago 221

    Google Chrome for iOS hands-on

    Google has just launched Chrome for iOS, the long-awaited browser replacement we've all been hoping for, just a day after Chrome for Android came out of beta. While iOS still does not offer the ability to set your own default mail client or web browser, Chrome lets you take your tabs, bookmarks, saved passwords, and settings with you. The only bummer is that while Google claims that "you can enjoy the same speedy and simple Chrome experience across your devices," Apple's rules about third...

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    The browser you've been waiting for has finally arrived
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    46 about 2 years ago 89

    Google Drive for iPad and iPhone hands-on

    Google said that the iOS versions of Google Drive were "98 percent" done back in late April when the cloud storage service first launched, but the iPad and iPhone app has only just now been released on the iTunes App Store. Now that the wait is over, we've installed the apps and put them through the paces. Has Google given Drive's iOS apps feature parity with its Android offerings? Read on to find out.

    Google Drive on both iPad and iPhone are nearly identical: sure, a few icons are moved...

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    How do they stand up to their Android counterparts?
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    45 about 2 years ago 153

    Google's Vic Gundotra and Bradley Horowitz on the future of Google+ (video)

    Google wants to revolutionize real-world social life with its new Google+ features, including pre-event "Cinemagraphs" and "party mode," which lets users automatically share pictures taken during the get-together. But how does Google plan to build engagement with the network, and what does this mean for the rest of its web tools? We sat down with Google Senior VP of Engineering (and formerly of Social) Vic Gundotra and Product Management VP Bradley Horowitz to discuss where Google+ is going.


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    Our problem was not of engagement, or of users. Our problem was our products were different.
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    44 about 2 years ago 32

    Google announces Compute Engine

    Google has just announced what appears to be a competitor to Amazon's EC2 (Elastic Cloud Compute), called Google Compute Engine. While we don't (by any means) have full details of exactly what Google Compute Engine is capable of yet, Urs Hölzle, SVP of technical infrastructure at the company said on stage that the cloud service for business "gives you Linux virtual machines at Google scale," with "high performance networking between VMs, so you can form them into a cluster." Hölzle also says...

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    43 about 2 years ago 22

    Google Docs now has offline editing starting today

    Now this is a pleasant surprise. Google Docs now works offline, letting you edit without a connection. Changes will be cached locally and updated when the internet returns. Clay Bavor, product manager for Google Apps, demonstrated on stage at Google I/O — after he plugged the ethernet cable back in, a prompt appears in the Docs window ("syncing offline changes") and a few moments afterward, the document was updated. Offline syncing should be available today — here's hoping it works even if...

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    42 about 2 years ago 40

    Google releases Google Drive for iOS and Chrome OS

    Google has just announced that Google Drive will be coming to iOS and Chrome OS, and it's available now in the App Store. At its day 2 keynote, Google demonstrated Google Drive on the iPad, showing off the real-time collaboration and image recognition capabilities. The company launched its Drive app for PC, Mac, and Android back in April, and said at the time that the iOS version was "98 percent done." You can grab Drive for iOS from the App Store right now, and be sure to check out our giant...

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    Real-time collaboration in iOS
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    41 about 2 years ago 409

    Google announces Chrome for iPhone and iPad, available today

    On stage at Google I/O, Brian Rakowski, Vice President of the Chrome division at Google has just announced Chrome for iPhone and iPad. It's something iOS users have been asking for for a very long time, and plenty of people will be happy about this news. The app will be for iOS 4.3 and higher devices, and will be available today. The app will also support Chrome sync, and looks like it's just as full-featured as the browser which many of us know and love.

    Update: Download Chrome for iOS...

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    40 about 2 years ago 52

    Google Chrome has 310 million active users, 'most popular browser in the world'

    Google's Chrome browser now has 310 million active users, nearly doubling the number of active users this time last year (160 million). Sundar Pichai, SVP of Chrome and Apps, says it's now the most popular browser in the world, and in providing more fun statistics, claims that 60 billion words are typed and 1TB data downloaded via Chrome every single day. He also say that Chrome's feature of prefetching the page saves the world 13 years of time every single day — which sounds like a lot until...

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    60 billion words are typed and 1TB data downloaded via Chrome every single day
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    39 about 2 years ago 313

    The Nexus 7's most important price is £159, not $199

    It's been evident for a good long while now that Google's big announcement at I/O 2012 was going to be an Android tablet to do battle with Amazon's Kindle Fire. Whether you were asking anonymous Asus executives, upstream component makers, or Andy Rubin himself, Google's mission over the past few months has been to reassert itself in the tablet marketplace — and the Nexus 7 shows that the strategy chosen for doing so has been to assault the low end of the pricing scale.

    Google's new tablet is realigning price expectations in the UK, Canada and Australia
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    38 about 2 years ago 45

    Hands-on with new Google+ tablet app and events features (video)

    Google certainly had plenty to show us at I/O today, but hidden in there were some major improvements to Google+, including the first-ever tablet app for the social network and an all-new Events feature. While it may have been overshadowed by an insane Project Glass demo, this is actually one of the more significant updates to Google+ that we have seen. Today's also the social network's first birthday, so join us for a look at what's changed and what's new if you're feeling a bit sentimental.


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    Events done right with Google Calendar integration
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    37 about 2 years ago 105

    Google Nexus Q media streamer: first impressions and video

    One of Google's surprises yesterday was the Nexus Q media streamer, a product that sees the company expanding into the living room with its own branded hardware. The Nexus Q differs from competing devices in that it only serves as a conduit. It has no UI of its own; you control the Q with your Android smartphone or tablet, and the sphere then streams audio and video content down from the Google Play Store (it can also be used to route YouTube content to your television). We spent some time...

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    This makes Google TV look good
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    36 about 2 years ago 10

    Nexus 7 Guidebook available now on Google Play Books

    Google had a lot to announce at its I/O keynote yesterday, but if it's all been too much to take in then this could be a solution of sorts — a guidebook to the new Nexus 7 tablet on Google Play. The 84-page tome isn't just restricted to those interested in the Asus slate, however, as it acts as an introductory guide to the Android platform and Jelly Bean in particular.

    Now, admittedly you'll probably want an Android device to download and read the book in the first place, but even experienced...

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    Read about your Nexus 7 on your Nexus 7
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    35 about 2 years ago 20

    New Google Drive SDK supports third-party Android and iOS apps

    One of the many rumors we heard about Google Drive before the cloud storage service's eventual release was support for third-party app integration via a software development kit. That didn't come to pass in the first version of the SDK, but that all changes today with version 2 — developers can now integrate Google Drive into their apps for both Android and iOS devices. Apps developed with the new SDK will let users view, edit, and upload files with Google Drive.

    Until now Dropbox has been...

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    Dropping a bomb on Dropbox?
  • Update
    34 about 2 years ago 7

    PlayCanvas HTML5 game creation toolset aims to speed up development

    HTML5 game development could be one of the hot topics of Google I/O. Yesterday we got word of Strike Fortress, a technically impressive multiplayer title from EA, and today a new team has announced a set of development tools designed to help create HTML5 games quickly and easily. PlayCanvas, started by former developers from Sony and Activision, provides a collaborative environment specifically for building browser-based 3D games.

    The drawback right now is that PlayCanvas games currently...

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    Boosting browser-based games
  • Update
    33 about 2 years ago 14

    Google+ gets new History API for third-party app and site integration

    Facebook users are used to having third-party applications and services post to their stream, and now Google+ is getting its strategy in place to do the same thing. VentureBeat spoke with Google's Louis Gray who explained that the History API will allow third-party services like Twitter and Foursquare to privately save events, known as "moments," to a given user's Google+ profile, at which point they can choose to share the events on their Google+ profile. While the History API will help...

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    A new way to fill out that empty Google+ profile
  • Update
    32 about 2 years ago 9

    Google's Web Lab puts interactive Chrome installations in the London Science Museum

    Here's another intriguing project to come out of this year's Google I/O: the company has announced Web Lab, a series of installations that will let visitors "see the magic of the web brought to life through five Chrome experiments." The installations will be on display at the Science Museum in London for a year, but you won't have to be in the UK to participate — you can interact with them from wherever you are at the Chrome Web Lab website. Installations include collaborative music-making, a...

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    See the magic of the web brought to life.
  • Update
    31 about 2 years ago 51

    Google I/O attendees receiving special white edition Nexus 7 tablets

    Remaining true to Google I/O tradition, those attending this week's event will receive a collection of loot, including a Samsung Galaxy Nexus running Android 4.1 Jellybean, a Nexus Q, and a white version of the Asus Nexus 7, otherwise unavailable to the public. Unlike the model currently available for pre-order, which comes with a black textured backplate, developers and other attendees are receiving the Nexus 7 with a white finish on the rear panel. As far as we can tell, the device has no...

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    Attendance has its benefits
  • Update
    30 about 2 years ago 48

    Nvidia's Mike Rayfield: we're 'running hard' to produce more tablets like Google's Nexus 7

    How did Google and Asus manage to deliver a $199 Tegra 3 tablet like the Nexus 7? According to Nvidia Tegra boss Mike Rayfield, it's part of a concerted effort to drive down the cost of components. Nvidia's Kai program, which we revealed a few months ago, isn't just about using cheaper DDR3L memory and putting more technologies in the chip: Together with Asus and other device manufacturers, Nvidia is actively negotiating with suppliers to make $199 tablets far more common. "We went to all of...

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    More $199 tablets on the way
  • Update
    29 about 2 years ago 181

    Google's Project Glass: first impressions (with Sergey Brin's headset)

    I just had a bizarre and fairly interesting experience here at Google I/O 2012. After a small, closed press session on Google's Project Glass, company co-founder Sergey Brin decided to let the press here try on the devices for themselves. Including his personal pair.

    The demo was set to nothing more than a looping fireworks video, but I got to have a first-hand experience with what Google's Glass is like for those wearing it right now (side note: Sergey was personally placing the glasses on...

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    Sergey Brin loans out his Glasses
  • Update
    28 about 2 years ago 227

    Android 4.1 Jelly Bean hands-on impressions (update: video!)

    We've shown you the Google Nexus 7 by Asus and told you about the surprising quality you'll get starting at $199, but the most important part of the tablet is arguably the software that's inside. Android 4.1 Jelly Bean is here at Google I/O, and we've just spent some quality time with the new revision of the OS. As you'd expect from the ".1," it's not a giant leap forward from Ice Cream Sandwich on phones, but it brings some fairly exciting new features, major tweaks, and brings the tablet...

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    Smartphone as companion is the theme
  • Update
    27 about 2 years ago 213

    Nexus Q can't be used standalone, powered exclusively by Android devices on the same network

    With the Nexus Q, Google is planting its flag in the living room, allowing users to share media from Google Play with their home entertainment center. But unlike its closest competitor, the Apple TV, the Nexus Q isn't a standalone platform and requires an Android smartphone or tablet connected to the same Wi-Fi network to access content. The Nexus Q requires one or more Android 4.1 devices to provide access videos or music offered on Google Play, though the company says support for Android...

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    Apple TV this is not
  • Update
    26 about 2 years ago 64

    Google Nexus 7: ebooks' sleeping giant finally has its own reader

    Tablets are insanely versatile, and Google's selling its new entry as a total content device with brand new Jelly Bean bells and whistles. Still, let's face it: at this size and price point, the Nexus 7's natural competitors are first and foremost reading-centric tablets like Amazon's Kindle Fire. And make no mistake: Google is selling this as a reading device, adding magazines to Google Play and touting its bookstore as "the world's largest ebook collection." That's the play here:...

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    Google needs to stop the Kindle and Nook from bleeding Android dry
  • Update
    25 about 2 years ago 57

    Android 4.1 Jelly Bean in pictures

    Google is very good about launching its emulators of the newest versions of Android just as they announce them, and today is no different — Jelly Bean is available now for developers to begin tooling with and testing their apps on. We've taken the opportunity to install the new SDK to spend some extended time with the new operating system, so join us, won't you?

    The first thing we noticed after booting up Android 4.1 is that this really is a fairly minor update — the major changes that were...

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    What does Jelly Bean have to hide?
  • Update
    24 about 2 years ago 108

    All Google I/O attendees are getting a Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 7, and Nexus Q

    Google just announced that all 6,000 attendees of I/O will be walking away with an Android Developer Pack — a Galaxy Nexus phone, Nexus 7 tablet, the latest OTA update of Jelly Bean (which might take a little while to hit the device), and the Nexus Q. Attendees will be able to pick them up at 4pm today — don't forget your badge and ID. We'll see how long it takes for developers to release Jelly Bean into the wild after getting it on their new devices today — we're willing to bet it won't take...

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    New hardware for the lucky I/O attendees
  • Update
    23 about 2 years ago 189

    Google announces Google Glass Explorer Edition, $1,500 pre-order shipping next year

    Google has just revealed a new Google Glass Explorer Edition of its prototype camera-equipped glasses at I/O 2012. Pre-orders are open today, only for attendees of the I/O conference, and will cost $1,500 for a delivery early next year. As Sergey Brin himself confesses, this is by no means intended to be a consumer product, but Google's keen to get the Project Glass hardware out into people's hands and onto their faces.

  • Update
    22 about 2 years ago 82

    Google Nexus Q home media streamer hands-on

    Today, Google introduced its long-rumored media streaming box, and it's called the Nexus Q. The Android-powered base station allows users to seamlessly share media from their smartphone or tablet with their home entertainment center. Today at Google I/O, we had an opportunity to see the new streaming box first-hand.

    A closer look at Google's magic ball
  • Update
    21 about 2 years ago 68

    Nexus Q teardown: made in the USA

    As The New York Times reports, the Nexus Q was designed and manufactured in the US — including some of the device's semiconductors. Google's decision to manufacture the device in the US is significant when compared to its rivals, like Apple, HP, and others, who routinely assemble their products in China and other overseas locations. As Wired reports, Google selected a number of suppliers in the US to craft the Q, including a rifle-maker in Wisconsin that created its die-cast zinc base.


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    Designed and manufactured in the USA.
  • Update
    20 about 2 years ago 124

    Google shows off Project Glass at I/O with live skydiving and bike jumps (video)

    Google's Sergey Brin admits that Project Glass may not be as polished as the Nexus 7, but he's just showed off a live skydiving video recorded with the glasses. One of Brin's friends dived out of a plane onto the roof of Moscone while streaming the whole thing through Project Glass in a Hangout. After the diver landed on the roof, Brin switched to a feed of some bikers also wearing glasses, who then launched off the side of the building using ramps, followed by yet another athlete who...

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    Best tech demo ever
  • Update
    19 about 2 years ago 19

    Google+ adds events support, integrates with Google Calendar

    As part of its Google+ revamp, the company has just announced Google+ events, which will include deep integration with Google Calendar. Fortunately, Google+ events aren't limited to users on Google+ only. Google's broken events down into "before, during, and after." As for the "before" party, Google has set up "Cinemagraphs," which have some GIF-like animation qualities, and these Cinemegraphs will show up right on Google Calendar — a nice visual touch.

    There's also a new Google+ feature...

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    Google swipes a page from Facebook's playbook
  • Update
    18 about 2 years ago 24

    Google announces tablet version of Google+ for Android today, iPad "soon"

    Google has just announced Google+ for tablets on stage at I/O. The app is available for Android today, and Google says the iOS version will be available "soon." Google says that more users engage with Google+ on mobile than desktops, and a tablet version of it has been sorely missing. The app itself, from what we can tell, looks very slick, with photos front and center to the content, very large in the streams, organizing content based on popularity.

    Check out our full live blog of...

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    Finally, Google+ for tablets!
  • Update
    17 about 2 years ago 44

    Google announces 250 million Google+ users, 150 million monthly active users

    Google+ turns one year old tomorrow, and to celebrate, Google has announced that there are now 250 million Google+ users worldwide. 150 million of these users sign on once or more per month, and of those users 50% (75 million) sign in daily. Each user spends more than 60 minutes per day on Google products, and it ends up that most people who visit Google+ are doing so from mobile devices. People on average spend about 12 minutes using Google+. To respond to the mobile demand, Google today...

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    50% of these users sign in every day
  • Update
    16 about 2 years ago 138

    Google Nexus 7 vs. Kindle Fire, Nook Tablet, and Galaxy Tab 2 7.0

    As expected, Google unveiled its own 7-inch tablet today at the start of the company's I/O conference. Asus is helping Google build its tablet, co-branded once it's available in mid-July. Google's Nexus 7 is clearly going head-to-head with other low-cost Android tablets, including Amazon's Kindle Fire and Barnes & Noble's Nook Tablet — but how do they compare?

    The Nexus 7 has the specs advantage when it comes to its processor, featuring a quad-core Tegra 3 — the first 7-inch tablet to do so....

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    Which 7-inch tablet is for you?
  • Update
    15 about 2 years ago 193

    Google's $299 Nexus Q streaming media player announced, pre-orders start today

    The Play Store may have spilled the beans ahead of schedule, but now Google has officially announced the Nexus Q, an audio and video streaming appliance for users at home. It's a cloud-oriented device, designed to pull media from the Google Play Store as well as YouTube. The Q delivers the media to your television or a set of external speakers — it features a 25-watt amplifier as well — and is powered by the same chipset as the Galaxy Nexus. It features ethernet, Bluetooth, and NFC...

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    Google takes on AirPlay
  • Update
    14 about 2 years ago 749

    Google Nexus 7 tablet from Asus: hands-on video and photos

    The Asus Nexus 7, Google's first tablet in the Nexus family, is here. You're looking at it right now. We just got our first hands-on pictures of the device... and you'll find impressions, more photos and video right below.

    There's not that much left to know about the Nexus 7, because all the details leaked out in grand fashion this morning and they're now all confirmed. Most importantly, the 7-inch tablet will come pre-loaded with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, Google's latest operating...

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    Spilling the final beans on Google's $200 tablet
  • Update
    13 about 2 years ago 9

    Google Play updated with movie and TV purchase support and magazine subscriptions

    Google is announcing a host of changes to its Play service today. Movie and TV shows are now available to purchase from Google Play, including individual episodes or entire seasons. Magazine support is also coming to Google Play today, allowing users to access their favorite subscriptions. Google announced content partnerships with Disney, ABC, NBC, Universal, Sony Pictures, and Paramount alongside magazines from Conde Nast and Hearst.

    Check out our Google I/O 2012 day one keynote live blog...

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    All available today
  • Update
    12 about 2 years ago 171

    Google Nexus 7 official: $199 tablet from Asus ships mid-July with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

    It's been on display in full form since before I/O started, but only now is it official: the Nexus 7 tablet from Asus. Built for Google Play, running Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. It has a 7-inch, 1280 x 800 HD display, a quad-core Tegra 3 processor with 12-core GPU, and 1GB RAM. There's also a 1.2-megapixel front-facing camera and all the sensors you'd expect from a modern slate, including NFC (there is no 3G / 4G option). Google is touting nine hours of HD video playback and up to 300 hours of...

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    The first device that ships with Chrome as the standard browser
  • Update
    11 about 2 years ago 19

    Google announces 20 billion app installs, 600,000 apps and games

    During the I/O Keynote, Google announced that it's reached 20 billion Android app installs in the Play Store. In total, 600,000 apps and games are available, with free apps in 190 countries and paid ones in 132. In-app purchases are also a large and lucrative part of sales: 50 percent of revenue apparently comes from billing within apps. Google's still trailing Apple in download numbers here: at WWDC, Apple said it had 30 billion app downloads since the launch of its store in 2008. The total...

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    You know what's cool? 20 billion installs
  • Update
    10 about 2 years ago 11

    Google will release an Platform Development Kit for hardware developers ahead of each major Android upgrade

    In addition to providing an SDK for its software developers, Google has just announced that it will release a Platform Development Kit (PDK) for chipset vendors and other hardware developers that will allow them to port Android to their hardware. Google says that the PDK will be available to Android partners between two and three months before major Android updates.

    Check out our Google I/O 2012 day one keynote live blog for the latest updates!

    Easy ports for partners
  • Update
    9 about 2 years ago 41

    Jelly Bean rolling out to Galaxy Nexus, Xoom, and Nexus S in mid-July OTA

    Google has announced that Android 4.1, Jelly Bean, will be rolled out to the Galaxy Nexus, Motorola Xoom, and Nexus S via an over-the-air update in mid-July. That's a major departure from Ice Cream Sandwich updates, which took far longer to get to the Xoom and the Nexus S. Unfortunately, it isn't clear if this update schedule will apply to all versions of these devices — we've certainly seen before that carrier variants of Nexus devices can see a much longer wait than their international and...

    Continue reading »

    That's next month!
  • Update
    8 about 2 years ago 38

    Google Now: search based on time and location

    As part of its Android Jelly Bean update, Google has just announced Google Now — a card-based search interface that takes your location and the time into effect to give you more useful information. Google Now works by using your search history, calendar, and location to help make search more relevant. For example, if you have a calendar event, Google Now "will help you get there on time" — if you take the bus, it tells you how long it will take to walk to the bus and when the next bus will...

    Continue reading »

    Search continues to get smarter
  • Update
    7 about 2 years ago 14

    Google: 400 million Android devices sold

    We're live at Google I/O right now where Product Management Director Hugo Barra has just announced that there have been, to date, 400 million Android devices sold. That's quite an impressive number for sure, and Hugo says that there are now 1 million devices activated per day — about 12 new Android devices every second. For context, Apple's most recently publicized sales figures for iOS devices stand at 365 million, announced at WWDC.

    Check out our full live blog of the event right here.

    That's a lot of phones!
  • Update
    6 about 2 years ago 385

    Android 4.1 Jelly Bean coming in July with Project Butter UI, Google Now, richer notifications

    The next major upgrade to Android will be version 4.1 Jelly Bean, it has been announced at Google I/O today. Project Butter is the major new innovation in Android 4.1, focused on making the entire UI "fast, fluid and smooth." That includes triple buffering in the graphics pipeline, to ensure consistent frame rates with interface animations. Google's I/O demo showed two Galaxy Nexus devices side by side, one running Ice Cream Sandwich and the other on Jelly Bean, with the latter offering a...

    Continue reading »

    The Jelly Beans are coming!
  • Update
    5 about 2 years ago 57

    Unlocked Galaxy Nexus HSPA+ price dropped to $349 off-contract

    Google has just dropped the price of the GSM Galaxy Nexus to an even more attractive price ahead of Google I/O: it's available now for just $349 off-contract from the Google Play device store. The search giant started selling devices directly from Google Play back in late April, and the AT&T and T-Mobile-friendly Galaxy Nexus demanded $399 at that time. Of course, it's not clear if the price drop means that Google is planning to announce a new Nexus phone today or not, though we do know that...

    Continue reading »

    That's $50 less than before
  • Update
    4 about 2 years ago 58

    Google selling $399 Triad speakers in Google Play store for Nexus Q

    Yet another premature Google Play listing has revealed that Google will be selling a $399 pair of Triad bookshelf speakers, clearly intended as a companion for its Nexus Q streaming media player. The speakers will ship in two to three weeks, according to the page, and will only be available to customers in the United States.

    Continue reading »

    Buy a pair of speakers with that new Google Q
  • Update
    3 about 2 years ago 122

    Google Nexus Q home media streamer revealed on Google Play Store for $299

    We'd heard rumors that Google had been testing a home entertainment device for release this year, and it appears they were true: the page for the $299 Google Nexus Q has appeared on the Google Play Store. Billed as a "social streaming media player," the Nexus Q appears to be a cloud-based device that streams music, video, and YouTube videos, and lets users share and create playlists from their own devices. The Nexus Q will also do double-duty as an amplifier, letting users plug in their own...

    Continue reading »

    Google makes its living room hardware push
  • Update
    2 about 2 years ago 87

    Mysterious Nexus Q device leaked ahead of Google I/O

    Google seems to be getting sloppy with assets — it has just accidentally revealed a mysterious device called the Nexus Q thanks to a picture published on the Google Play device store. It's not clear what the spherical device does, but one tipster suggests that it may be part of Google's home automation push. The tipster says he saw an option to pair the Nexus Q over Bluetooth in a "Nexus Home" app. It seems likely that the device will have a media component, too: a document sent to Droid Life...

    Continue reading »

    Home automation?
  • Update
    1 about 2 years ago 213

    Google's Nexus 7 by Asus leaked: full specs, images, and video!

    As if it wasn't clear enough already, we've just received more evidence that the Nexus 7 is real. The above image of an Asus-branded Nexus 7 tablet is live on the Google Play store right now. A tipster let us know that if you change the URL of this Galaxy Nexus banner on Google Play, it reveals an Asus-branded Nexus 7 tablet, running what we expect will be introduced as Jelly Bean later today. At first glance, this looks like it could be an expanded version of the Ice Cream Sandwich phone...

    Continue reading »

    After these leaks, Google might need to double down on secrecy
  • Original Story
    about 2 years ago 13

    Sirius XM radio coming to Google TV, to be unveiled at Google I/O

    One day ahead of Google I/O, Sirius XM has told Reuters that it will be offering its entire programming mix on Google TV. The Sirius XM app for Google TV will feature a pause function for live shows and "play back up to five hours of content," a feature that allows listeners to queue up any radio from up to five hours in the past. Sirius XM already has iPhone and Android apps with the same feature-set, but even so that won't be enough to get the app out the door on Google TV until an...

    Continue reading »

    In case you need more Howard Stern
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