Why the New iMac Will Have an Updated Look

I'm in the market for a new iMac, like many other here I'm sure. Since I've been eagerly awaiting for the new models to drop, I've clung onto every bit of iMac news in the last few months. What's interesting is just how little iMac is covered in tech news. Even the Mac Pro seems to be getting more coverage!

I had a hunch though, so I thought I'd put together a nice little infographic showing a dumbed-down iMac timeline. When did iMac see major design refreshes? When iMac get tech spec updates? When will the new iMac be here!? What I found is very interesting...


Click to see larger image.

As Apple gets better at designing computers, they have less urgency to push out updates. Combine that with them putting their most innovation efforts towards their mobile lines (MacBooks, iOS devices) and you'll see a very predictable pattern unfold. That is, more time between desktop updates.

What does this mean for the next iMac release?

  • This is the longest the iMac has gone without a minor refresh
  • This is the longest the iMac has gone without a notable upgrade

Hopefully those two bullet points mean big things are just around the corner for iMac. It will be interesting to see how they refine the iMac from this point on. It's basically being whittled down to nothing more than a screen. Since it's already almost nothing but a screen, what's left? It's already all Aluminum and Glass. It's already unibody. It already has Thunderbolt. It already has only one visible screw. That doesn't leave many obvious updates.

My guess? They will follow many of the same design decisions that they made in the Next Generation MacBook Pro. Not to make it necessarily thinner, but to get rid of the "chin" below the screen. Nothing but a thin black bezel around the screen. Other than that I'm guessing faster (obviously), USB 3, better speakers, hopefully less screen glare. I don't expect it to have the optical drive removed or a Retina Display... yet. Your thoughts?