As part of its Google+ revamp, the company has just announced Google+ events, which will include deep integration with Google Calendar. Fortunately, Google+ events aren't limited to users on Google+ only. Google's broken events down into "before, during, and after." As for the "before" party, Google has set up "Cinemagraphs," which have some GIF-like animation qualities, and these Cinemegraphs will show up right on Google Calendar — a nice visual touch.

There's also a new Google+ feature called party mode — if you're at a Google+ event and turn on party mode, all of the photos that you take will be shared automatically with other users at the event. Of course, this sharing is at the user's discretion — if you don't want to share, you don't have to. On Android, you'll even get a notification when the event starts asking you if you want to turn on party mode. There's also a slideshow mode, which shows full-screen lightboxed photos in real-time as they come in.

As for "after" the party — Google+ will send out reminders to your guests asking to share any pictures or video that they shared, and then Google+ puts everything in chronological order. As you scroll over the images, you can click through on an image to see all of the photos taken by that photographer at that particular event. Google+ also pulls together the most engaged photos — whatever had the most +1, shares, or comments; its like a little "best of" gallery. Seeing Google add events to Google+ makes a lot of sene — it's something that has been rumored for a while — so we'll be looking forward to getting a look at this service in practice. It sounds like Google+ events will be live today — Google told I/O developers to update to the latest Google+ Android app to get an invite to the I/O after-party tonight.