Gaming on 1440p

Hello Vergers, this one ifs for the PC guys!

Recently I have been eyeing one of those Korean 2560x1440p 27 inch monitors (Achieva or Catleap).

The are really cheap (compared to what Apple, Dell and Samsung are offering) and are surprisingly good.

At least from the reviews I have been reading, aside from not having extra ports, bells and whistles, the panels are actually pretty decent for the money.

So, I would like to ask your opinion on gaming at that resolution.

I currently have a gtx 570, and do very well with 1080p gaming on my Sony 32 inch TV.

I also am no elitist, and wouldn't mind turning down some things and not playing at 60 fps, if it looks amazing.

My idea with this monitor would be to game on the side, and leave my TV open for other stuff (so no dual screen gaming for me).

Based on your verging experience, do you think I should go for it?

Or is my card too weak fot this type of gaming, and I wouldn't benefit that much from this display (at least until I get something beefier)?

Thanks a lot!