Video DRM Removal. . . . . AND non DRM movies

I know this is a weird subject. Many sites do not allow discussion over the fact, and its terrible.

I am trying to figure out how to remove the drm from my old iTunes movies for my dad. He recently bought a nook while I wasn't around thanks to a "helpful" store clerk who insisted that he could play his digital copy iTunes movies on it. Suffice to say I went back and made sure that clerk got what was coming to him (Knew the guy, knew he screwed over my dad for the sale.)

So now we are stuck with the nook, and don't want to sell because we'd be at such a big loss relatively compared to purchase price (~$125 best offer we could get) But he doesn't mind because he likes the size better. So I wanted to help him out and do the one thing he wanted, get the digital copy drm off of the iTunes file so he can play it on his nook.

Now I ask, How can it be done? and if so, is there a free option?

I've tried to use requiem, but I don't know if there is a version after v3.3.5 that works with iTunes 10.6.3

I don't know if chewtube is legitimately usable or worth it.

Any info would be AMAZING!

ps. I wanted to know the best way to get official copies of movies that can play on any device (or at least offline on a nook) but LEGITIMATELY. I use *ahem* less than reputable ways of obtaining movies, but my father insists that he must buy the movies. So I just want to help him out!