Though it went unmentioned during today's Google I/O keynote, the Google Play website now offers the option of updating and/or uninstalling apps from Android hardware directly in the browser. By heading to the "My Android Apps" tab of the Play portal, you'll see a list of all applications that reside on your smartphone or tablet; users with multiple devices can view a breakdown of what apps are installed where. Though sorting is alphabetical, apps with pending available updates will be listed first. Clicking a gray update button will immediately start the download on the target Android product, though sadly there's no "update all" option just yet. Uninstalls are equally as simple: selecting the trash can icon underneath each app first brings up a warning dialog that acts as a nice safeguard against unintentional deletions. Clicking through this leads to the immediate removal of the app in question from your device.

Don't expect getting rid of carrier bloatware to get any easier, however. Those are listed under "system apps" and can be neither upgraded or uninstalled from a browser. We're not entirely sure how often we'll be turning to this feature — updating apps has become far more convenient with the automatic options that are now integrated within the Google Play Store. Still, we won't fault Google for providing yet another way to ensure you're always running the latest software.