What podcasts are you listening to and why?

With the introduction of the Podcasts by Apple, I thought now is a good time as any to start another thread on podcasts.

I use the Pocket Casts app on my iPhone to manage my pods. If you're looking for more features than Apple's app and want a great design, check it out.

Anyways, here's what I listen to and why:

  • The Vergecast: i don't listen to Josh, Nilay, and Paul for the news necessarily, but for their personalities. It's also very interesting to hear what they think because most of their writing doesn't really show their true perspectives.
  • The Adam Carolla Show: Adam is great at social critique. It's a nice podcast to start the day because it's witty and fun.
  • WTF with Marc Maron (some guests): Even thought Maron is considered a comedian, I don't find him the least bit funny. I listen only to good guests because Maron goes really deep into their lives and uncovers some things other interviewers don't.
  • The Joe Rogan Experience (only when I have nothing else to listen to): Personally, I think Joe Rogan is as dumb as you can get, but his podcast is my guilty pleasure. It's full of weed, conspiracy theories, and other retarded content. It's silly, but interesting.
  • The Talk Show: Gruber has a lot of insider information and I generally tend to agree with his critiques of technology. Plus, he gets some good tech guests on the show.
  • Radiolab: just interesting science/medical/life stories.
  • Build and Analyze: Marco (developer of Instapaper) happens to share a lot of design philosophies that I appreciate, so listening to his thoughts and seeing them mirror mine is great. Good podcast for tech/software ramblings.
  • This American Life: Sort of like Radiolab.
  • Freakanomics: It could be interesting at times, but I'm very dubious of the statistics. Still, good listen.
  • Iterate: Another tech podcast that is excellent with good guests.
  • Hypercritical: Just started listening so I can't say much.
  • TWiT: Also just started listening.
What do you Verger's listen to and why?