Apple's Official Podcast App is a gawd awful sloppy mess!

I am a huge podcast listeners. I subscribe to over 30 podcasts, and listen daily. I downloaded apple's podcast app yesterday, and honestly I expect way better from apple. Forget the missing features like playlists or iCloud sync, I can forgive these in a 1.0 release. What I can't forgive is the fact that the damn thing just doesn't work. New downloads hang without downloading. It downloads random episodes, or just doesn't download anything at all.

Apple designers spent too much time on that stupid reel to reel skeumorphic graphic and not enough time on designing a working app. This is one of the worst pieces of trash apple has ever released. I'll stick with downcast for now, although I hate that I have to launch the app everyone I want new episodes to download. This is the thing that will make apples native app better than the competition, except it doesn't work!

Is anyone else having better jack than me? Anyone having similar problems?