Concerned About BB10 and OLED

So there are now rumors that RIM may be using AMOLED displays in some or all BB10 phones. This concerns me as I swore that I would never buy a device with OLED again.

When I had my Omnia 7 a year ago I was a very heavy phone user I used to web browse on my phone for about 4 hours a day on most days. Then, unfortunately;my phone began developing burn-in. If I displayed a solid grey screen on my phone you could see blocks of lighter and darker areas where the common menus and on screen buttons are. And as a result I felt forced to sell my phone quickly before it got so noticeable that it would be unsellable. I had to sell my 2-year contract phone after 4 months of use.

Now 4 hours a day may sound excessive to most people and I may be new to the world of BlackBerry but with PlayBook and BB10 I have come on board eagerly following BB10 news determined that I will definitely get a BB10 phone (I even bought shares in RIM) with the idea that as the BB advertisements say: BlackBerry is for people who do. BlackBerry is for people like me who use their phone all day long and are passionate about their phone.

Now I hate to bring comparisons to Apple in to the mix but I'm sure we can all agree that Apple is a clever company, they do a lot of things right and as a result they are now a dominant force. But Apple have never used AMOLED in any devices and there is probably a reason for that.

Alternatively RIM could release every model in two variants: AMOLED and LCD. Stick the flashy AMOLED devices in stores to attract normal people in and have LCD optional to buy online for enthusiasts. Although this may not be financially viable.

Well if I am right (and correct me if I am wrong) that BlackBerry people are heavy phone users. Then RIM may have an issue with AMOLED. And if they make AMOLED phones and do not give us the choice for LCD, well they will have lost at least one loyalist.