Jellybean OTA

Anybody else playing with the Jellybean OTA?

I got mine from Koush, he posted it in ROM manager under Clockworkmod>ROMS>Jellybean.

Here's what I've noticed so far:


-Google backup works perfectly! I'm not missing a single app that I had an hour ago with ICS. I was so ready to have to search for every app I've downloaded since google last arbitrarily backed them up.

-My life is really boring, so the only thing Google Now will tell me is the weather. There's a Google Now lockscreen shortcut. nifty.

-The new animations are very whizz-bang! though some of them have sharp edges like the window behind them is supposed to fade, but isn't.

-Voice stuff works really well!

-Youtube, music and google+ are slightly sexier now!

-The wifi/bluetooth switches are square. meh.

-Nav buttons glow white now instead of blue, looks classy

-Notification shade is way different and looks pretty nice. Not sure if I like the grey background as much as the old transparent black one.

-Its almost too fast at times, there's a lot of [Really fast animation]> [short pause for a loading dialog]> [really fast animation]. Boid looks really spastic when it opens

-New boot animation, its cool, but a lot less flashy and bright than the old one, ymmv

-The new camera UI is so ridiculously quick and smooth and seamless!

-The multitasking button is pretty much instant and a lot more consistent than it was on ICS

-Updates download noticeably faster

-maybe people will stop saying it looks like Tron, i didn't really see it in ICS even

-Everything still kinda looks and feels a little beta, the launcher stutters pretty hard when its installing new apps.

If you have a rooted Gnex and aren't addicted to CM9 or AOKP, the speed and new apps are totally worth the upgrade. It switches out your recovery, and you lose root, but it doesn't re-lock the bootloader, so you should give it a try!

Seriously its mindblowingly fast.