Microsoft, You've Changed and I Love You For Changing


This is something that I love. When a company looks at themselves and then decided that they need to change. It all started with Windows Phone 7. If you showed someone Windows Phone and said that Microsoft made it, they wouldn't believe you.

Everything is changing. Windows 8 is a clear change from what Microsoft was doing. Microsoft has always been known as the "old" company. Not cool, boring. It's kind of nice to see something different.

Today, Microsoft is showing of a it's new website: Microsoft. If you don't like this, your views about Microsoft must be severly skewed.

It's about time. Microsoft has taken a back seat in the tech world and media. Hopefully, we see more "cool" stuff in the future. I'm actually confident that's happening.

If you had asked me 3 years ago if Microsoft was cool, I wouldn't agree. Times changed.