If I See Another Post/Tweet About Company X Stealing From Company Y's Playbook....


Really getting tired of reading stuff about how one company is stealing ideas/pages from another company's playbook. Are we really going to act like one company basically thought of ALL great ideas so another company has to copy to compete with it?

Noticed it starting with the Microsoft Surface announcement. Saw so many tweets/posts about how it was Apple-like. Yeah, one thing you could say was that it was secretive like Apple but let's not act like Apple invented the whole "let's keep it secret and announce something big". Apple just did it better.

Even with the Google I/O event, still saw posts/tweets about how Google was taking pages from Apple's playbook.

Can we stop with this stuff. A company presentation is generally going to evolve overtime when they get feedback from attendees and media. Can we stop like Apple "invented" the perfect presentation. Apple events are very well structured and Steve Jobs was a perfectionist at those events. He was a great sales guy on stage. Whatever he was pitching sounded awesome. He even made Ping sound cool.

All I'm saying is that we need to stop with company X stealing something from company Y. Same goes with product features. Just because a product feature is used in another's company's product doesn't necessarily mean it's stealing. Companies copy ideas because they're good concepts and sometimes because it's not patented. Notifications in Android went over to iOS. It's a good concept. Why not use it and improve on it in your own product.

I'm ranting now. Bye.