Canon has just announced that it'll be releasing firmware version 2.0 for the EOS 7D this August. The list of new features matches up with some rumored updates that we heard about a few weeks ago — the size of the RAW file buffer when shooting in burst mode has been increased from 15 to 25, and users can process RAW images directly in the camera. This will allow users to tweak exposure, white balance, noise reduction, and more before even moving the images off of the camera. Canon also has made some changes to how auto ISO functionality works — now, users can set a maximum ISO limit, which will keep the camera from pushing the ISO too far into potentially unusable ranges. Auto ISO now can range from 100 - 6400, rather than the previous 100 - 3200 range. While the 7D has excellent performance even at the highest ISO levels, it's still good for users to have the option to cap the limit where they see fit.

Canon has brought over a video feature from the 5D Mark II — users can now manually adjust up to 64 audio levels on the 7D, a feature that should come in quite handy for videographers. Lastly, the 7D will now be fully compatible with Canon's recently-launched GP-E2 GPS receiver, which records all shooting locations with full latitude, longitude, and altitude data. While this update doesn't bring any earth-shattering features to the 7D, it's still a nice update to an already-capable camera. Canon says it'll be available for users in early August — in the meantime, Canon's put together a site highlighting all of the 7D's new capabilities.