Who is the Nexus Q for?

I'm trying to figure out why this device exists in its current state. As a Google TV box, it would have been awesome. But it's not. So far I have determined that the Nexus Q is only good for people who satisfy all of the following:

  • Have an Android device (with NFC) (and Jelly Bean)
  • Already have another device for Netflix/Hulu (or don't care about either of these at all)
  • Keep all of their music in Google Music
  • Get all non-YouTube video content by purchasing it from Google Play (no DLNA = no streaming your stuff you get from torrents or SickBeard. even my 6 year old PS3 does this)
  • Would rather buy/rent DRM-laden digital movies than rippable DVDs or Blu-Rays
  • Can somehow justify paying up to 3x the price for another STB media streamer that does infinitely more (boxee, roku, appletv, an XBMCbuntu box)

The first thing automatically weeds out every person who does not have an Android smartphone. (It would be bad enough if it was only "every person who does not have ANY smartphone," but nope: it's limited to android). The rest of these just eliminate almost anyone else in the entire market I can comprehend. I guess what I really don't understand is exactly what hole in the market this device fills, what would compel anyone to buy it, and why the hell it doesn't run GoogleTV.