Some questions from a potential iOS convert.

Hi there,

So I'm debating switching over to Android, near the end of the year when the new iPhone and Nexus 4 are announced I will be deciding whether to stick with iOS or get the new Nexus, it all depends on what the new iPhone has to offer. I kinda fancy a change (used an iPhone since the 3G) and want a bigger display, obviously the new iPhone will have a bigger display, so who knows if I will switch.

But I'm not here looking for advice on if to switch or not, I'll decide that myself, there are advantages to both OS's and I'll decide that myself come iOS6/iPhone 5 time.

I'm here to find out how I would go about some of the day-to-day/essential stuff I do with my iPhone at the mo and if I could transition that 'workflow' to an Android device.



Prerequisites, I use OS X as my primary desktop OS so keep this in mind with any suggestions.

1. Is there a way to transfer music from my iTunes library to an Android device? I am one of the few people who has no problem with iTunes. I manually manage all my content, no syncing, I drag and drop albums, artists and songs that I want on my phone. I know I could use Google music but I much prefer the 'central hub' way of living, everything on my desktop and then moving things as and when to my phone.

2. Same as above but with podcasts (and to a lesser extent, audiobooks), I have thousands of podcasts in my iTunes library and as with music, deal with them manuall

3. How does one backup/sync things like contacts/apps etc...? Obviously with my iPhone I can do a backup, wipe/jailbreak/buy a new phone and then simply restore it from that backup. Since i'd likely be one for rooting and tinkering I could see a lack of this being an issue.

4. Has the Android market gotten a centralised way of paying for apps yet? I.e. A google play account linked to your credit card (like AppleID) or do you have to pay via something like paypal for every [paid] app?

5. Is there a FindMyiPhone equivalent?

So yeah, those are my main questions/concerns. I know many would suggest doing everything cloud based and on the device but I much prefer using my desktop as the 'hub' and manually dealing with my content myself.

Thanks in advance, here's a picture of a cat in sunglasses.