Will you be buying a Chromebook?

The second Google I/O keynote just came to a close and I have to admit that I was impressed. So impressed, in fact, that I rushed to my local Best Buy to marvel at the beauty of the Chromebook by Samsung.


When I got there the Google representative was still setting up and tinkering with the display models, but she allowed me to play around on one while she continued to tinker with the other. Seeing a Chromebook in person evoked in me mixed feelings about its design. On the one hand, this is a gorgeous machine. It’s unibodeesce aluminum design and spacious chicklet keyboard pleased the Apple fanboy in me. On the other hand, however, I could not believe how similar this machine resembled Apple’s MacBook Pro. When I mentioned this fact to the Google rep she enthusiastically replied, “I know! Isn't that great?” Honestly I was stumped by her reaction. The design is, undeniably, slick and sexy, but I know that Samsung can do better than just copy Apple. Just look at their most recent series 9 ultrabook and you will see my point.


Something that really bothered me about this device, however, was the trackpad. This trackpad was incredibly unresponsive and imprecise. The cursor jumped around on the screen like it was on something. Honestly, this could just be an issue with mouse sensitivity, but I didn't spend enough time with the device to find out if that was the case. Overall this is a great machine for those who just want to get some work done, but it’s hardly worth the price tag of $449.

Or is it? What do you all think about this device? Are you going to buy it immediatly or will you buy it when it drops in price?