Nexus 7 availability outside of the announced countries

So the Nexus 7 will only be realeased in a handful of english speaking countries.

Can somebody explain to me why it is not released in other countries as well? I live in Germany and for a moment there I thought the Nexus 7 would make a handy little companion, until I read that wasn't going to available here. Is this a problem of DRM? I think Vlad made an excellent point when he said that alot of times, non-Americans get the shaft when new gadgets or services are introduced. Is Germany, or greater Europe for that matter, not big enough a market to step into?

Also, should I manage to get my hands on a Nexus, could I use it at all or would I be blocked from content/apps etc. by my location (which is probably identifieable for google)

Any explanation would really be appreciated, thanks.