Latest Rim Announcement Reminds of an old Ren and Stimpy Episode

So we now learn that Rim is delaying the release of blackberry 10 until Q1 2013... It's just more piling on of bad news, and it reinforces the idea that Rim's current and likely future offerings will be forever outclassed. Right now it's in a cartoonish state of being behind. Enter Ren and Stimpy. This was a show from my childhood, and though many of the younger readers probably missed the series, it still brings us some useful comparisons today.

Now head over and watch the episode:

The two large wrestlers are iOS and Android, Ren an Stimpy (the fat one) are webOS and blackberry respectively.

Not pretty. The entire match is a series of ever increasing tortures on the two smaller players. Ren at least has he good sense to know he's outclassed and seek to get out and not enter the ring again, but not Stimpy, not Rim. They look at the repeated bludgeoning of themselves, and their allies, and head back in to the slaughter with an eagerness that makes the rest of us wonder if they are entirely sane.

In a way it's admirable, it's better to do that than just want to give up like Ren, but they are so outclassed at this point, all of their maneuverings come across to me as scenes from this episode.