What's in your game folder.

I do most of my gaming on my iPad. Recently my ps3, psp, and iPhone haven't seen much gaming action. There are many games out on ios and I love the huge selection. I also love the fact that new games come out every Thursday. This is my gaming folder today June 28th 2012.


via i444.photobucket.com

1. Superbrothers Swords and Sworcery Ep- one of my favorite games of all time.

2.Megaman X- another all time favorite. Translated to the iPad well.

3. Infinity blade- an awesome game you have to play

4. Gta3- pretty good import of a classic game.

5. Cargobot- a fun time waster

6. Air wings- haven't played yet.

7. Cut the rope- one of my favorite puzzle games.

8. Pocket planes- a relaxing game where you fly planes and pick up cargo.

9. The incident- a fun time waster

10. autumn blade- havent played yet an rpg

11. dead trigger- a zombie game made by the people who made shadowguns.

Those are the games I play and will start to play. What are you playing?