A team of security experts has created a new iOS app that provides "military grade" encryption to messages and conversations. Wickr strips the metadata from audio, video, and image files, and lets the user set a Mission Impossible-style self-destruct timer on anything sent. The app overwrites deleted data with unreadable text to the point that any deleted data becomes impossible to forensically recover. While iOS's built-in ability to take screenshots could be an obvious workaround on the recipient's end, the Wickr team is planning to implement a feature that notifies the sender if this happens.

We could be about to see a boom in iOS security apps. Just yesterday we got word of Silent Circle, a similar encryption service for iOS and Android that charges $20 a month for subscription. Wickr, on the other hand, is free on the App Store, though the New York Times reports that there are additional paid features such as sending larger files. The main drawback of Wickr right now is that you can only use it to contact people already using the service, but if you ever feel like you're being watched it may be worth convincing a couple of friends to check it out.