Back in March, Path unveiled an update to its social networking app the included Nike+ integration for runners. Today, Path is continuing that close partnership with Nike by announcing integration with the FuelBand. Once you connect the (newly updated) FuelBand app with Path, your Fuel score will automatically appear within Path once a day. You'll be able to see a graph of how much Fuel you've accumulated during the day, but in a clever twist other Path events will be integrated so you can see what caused your score to rise or slump. For example, you could see that you got a spike in your score when you went running, or just when you walked to the local coffee shop.

We sat down with Path CEO Dave Morin to discuss the new integration, and he told us that the two companies are a natural fit. "We share this common value about design." One of the elements of that is simplicity — Path took inspiration from the FuelBand's core idea of distilling exercise and activity down to a single score and applied it to how that data is presented within the app. Instead of constantly updating Path, the chart appears at the end of the day as a kind of combined summary of your Fuel progress and your Path activity:

Finding that point of simplicity is really what matters. We could have very easily been updating all day long, [...] but for us it was about creating a rich experience in that one time of day, at the end of the day when you reflect [...] and make some decisions for tomorrow.

Morin also believes that Path is a great place to share the kind of (potentially very personal) information that the FuelBand tracks. While the Fuelband app allows users to share on Facebook and Twitter, Path's goal is to build a much more intimate, smaller network for its users. "If Facebook built a city, we're trying to build a home," Morin told us. While not everybody who follows you on Twitter is likely to care about your Fuel score, those in your smaller Path network just might.