What would it take for you to buy a Kindle Fire 2?

Google really pulled a lot of punches with the recent Nexus 7 announcement. Google's device has impressive specs, especially for their first Nexus tablet. Seeing as this tablet is squarely aimed at the Kindle Fire's unique territory, I was wondering what it would take for consumers to choose an Amazon tablet over Mountain View's offerings. This is especially relevant because I see a lot of users dismissing the current Fire as a good buy now.

I'll go first:

If a new Kindle Fire offered the same specs and expandable memory, I would wait to see if a clean Jelly Bean is to be ported over and make the jump. Amazon's hardware, though uninspired, has proved to be aesthetically positive, and their popularity to hacking makes them a prime candidate for Jellybean to make its way to the device, especially with identical specs. This would be enough for me to excuse Google's offerings, where I believe this is the one area they really let me down on. A front facing camera for Skype and microphone would also be an absolute necessity to me. A GPS would also be nice, but I already use my phone for that, so it's not a big deal.