The South Korean government is plunging $55 million dollars into LG to promote the development of 60-inch+ transparent flexible 4K displays, if reports are to be believed. DDaily says that LG beat out Samsung for the deal after applying last year, and it's set to be officially announced next month. The project should generate 3840 x 2160 flexible displays in various sizes, and they'll have a 10cm radius of curvature with over 40 percent transparency. LG will reportedly research the manufacturing and materials with various unnamed partners before putting the displays into production.

We've seen LG make strides in flexible displays before, with its 0.7mm-thick e-paper screen going into production a couple of months back, but the company could have bigger ambitions — DDaily says it's aiming to capture 70 percent of the transparent flexible display market by the year 2020.

Update: According to ZDNet, the report is true, only LG is shooting for 2017 for its transparent OLED dreams to come to fruition.

Hyunhu Jang contributed to this report.