Options On The Table: Join Android Or Jump In With Microsoft

RIM is not going to make it to the end of the year. They need help. They need it fast. Here's your chance to play CEO and make tough decisions:

Android Option: You join up with Google. You've already kind of opened up when you made Android software run on the Blackberry playbook. Android is in direct competition with Apple. You could leverage your stuff like BBM which Google has acknowledged is not in the best shape.You could also fix their security and jump into enterprise more quickly which could you high priority.

But you could just be among the seemingly millions of Android devices out there. Samsung is leading the pack among Android and you might have a tough time selling handsets.

Microsoft Option: Microsoft is in third place trying to get the attention of Google and Apple. They're new but they are intriguing. They are trying to gain traction. Samsung is the one of noticeable companys selling Windows Phones but everybody sees Nokia Lumia as the flagship Windows Phone. They could make noise if you make a Windows Phone that really looks good and performs well. You could lock up the enterprise.

But it would be an uphill climb. Microsoft is still trying to carve up some market share. Windows Phone is not proven yet. You fall further behind

Nuclear Option: Sell the hardware unit and license the software. The Blackberry software is still good. Samsung wants to better their software. Why not sell to them.

Nuclear Option 2: Go bankrupt and regroup

Options on the table. What do you do CEO? Do you have other options you want to explore?