Forum feature request: Home page flagging (of spam)

No doubt we've all become annoyed by the inundation of spam on the Verge forums. It is clear now that the process of manual moderation is slow and time consuming for both users and moderators. I think that a flagging option on the home page could help manage this situation.


1) Add a flagging feature to the forum home page including an option to 'flag as spam'. Having to open a post in order to flag it is annoying. A simpler process would likely result in a higher reporting rate. That could make a threshold removal for everyone's feed a potential option.


2) After refresh, remove posts flagged as spam by a user from that users view (no need to wait for moderators to clean up your view).

3) Utilise the flagging feature to include other options such as 'favorite'. This will make it easier to identify posts that you are interested in. It might also be useful to add an automatic 'comment' flag to posts that you've commented in.