Why I Won't be Buying Windows Anymore

I am going abroad this weekend and was busy packing and decided to update Windows 7 Professional. I fired it up and went to the control panel Updates and had a popup (Why does MS love popups?) stating that I may be the victim of software fraud. I followed various prompts and downloads and then was told Windows Genuine Advantage had failed to authenticate my copy of Windows. Why can't MS even make proper spyware? I was then given some info about Firefox being a possible problem and was told to restart and try to validate. I did the restart and was faced with all sorts of banners telling me my software was illegal. I tried another restart and was offered the 'opportunity' to enter my Authorisation Code. Naturally this was safely in Yojimbo on OS X, so I rebooted and got it. Another boot into Windows and it decided to Authenticate my computer without me entering the Authorisation Code. Next some updates which necessitated another restart. In total 90 minutes of my time wasted and 5 restarts.

Is it any wonder that people don't like Microsoft and Windows? It was a total waste of my time. My understanding is that about 5% of these actions are false positives. That isn't very good. What Advantage is there for the Consumer.

Will I buy Windows again? I actually am so PO'ed that I don't want to, but Windows 8 looks far too interesting not to give it a try.


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