Welcoming former Kotaku readers to Polygon.


Hey guys, welcome to the Polygon on The Verge community. No, I don't work for Polygon, or The Verge for that matter but I have been here for a long while (January) waiting for the comments sections to fill up with meaningful discourse so thank you for coming over. Just to note - I was formerly known as shaunomacx or OglopKing on Kotaku and now I use my real name because I want to be accountable for my comments. I guess that stems from wanting to belong to a reasonable community, not the trollfest the comments section became abroad on less favourable shores.

Now as many of you Kotaku regulars have jumped ship to escape from the abomination known as Kinja it would be great to see if there are some of you using a different username - like I am - here on Polygon / The Verge than you used over on Kotaku.

Some things which are awesome here on the Polygon Forums:

  • You can flag spam/offensive content for the moderators - posts or topics - and they'll be dealt with pretty quickly by the team.
  • You have full control of posting your own content and linking it to a product with Tags and Links and even tweet the topic upon posting.
  • Mobile commentating - if you're on your mobile device you can now comment on pretty much any article or forum topic. Beat that Oldtaku.
  • Pushing the Z key will bring you to the next newest comment that has been posted on articles and forum topics.
  • Please take time to read the Community Guidelines as laid out by the team here at The Verge. Particularly "Foul language: Cussing, swearing, or just plain nasty: all of the above are not cool here." That goes for pornograhic material as well.
  • Polygon has a weekly podcast. The Besties is about a group of friends who get together to choose the best game of the year so far. Each week the group take turns presenting their pick for game of the week and it competes against last weeks winner to see who comes out on top. Plenty of laughs to be had but SSX/Ghost Dad reigns supreme in my opinion. http://www.theverge.com/label/the-besties-podcast

I have also set up a Steam Community Group called PolygonForums where we can all get together and play some games. It's public so join away and keep in touch with each other. So, welcome to the community folks. Lets talk and play.