I'm about to change the world.

Here's my story.

I'm a guy from London who's designed an app (this isn't spam by the way, I've only posted it here). The app is very special. It will change the world. I say 'designed' I mean I've mocked up screen shots and have also made a video of the app 'working'. So, I guess I'm at stage two of a hundred stages.

I need investment. On Tuesday I'm flying to the US. I'm going to fly to Palo Alto and walk into every angel investor's office building I can find to talk to someone.

But the thing is, this thing is really good. I mean really good. So I want to start at the top. I don't want just anyone to get involved. I want the best. I want to get the best person to invest in this.

I don't know Palo Alto and I don't know any investors. I don't even know where to start. I'm not that guy. If any of you guys could throw some company names, that would be amazing. When I get there, if there's anyone that can drive me around and show me all the hot spots, that would also be really great.

Now, this post is a real easy one to attack, that's fine. But, that small part of you that's wondering 'imagine if this guy is for real' - listen to it!

I promise I will follow this up soon.

This thing is so simple, it's almost flawless. It's so close to perfect and all you can do is trust this random internet guy's first post.

That's my story so far.