The Ultimate Superman Game.


Okay so heres the thing. Superman games have been.... Well Yeah you know. Anyway last night I found my copy of Superman Returns the game. I put it in and was like holy crap I forgot how good the flying mechanic was in it.

So how come the game sucked, then I fought some bad guys and it hit me. Now that ASM is out and there is a new game and Rockesteady made the greatest Batman games of all time. I thought about other heroes that had decent games. Yet Superman has not.

So lets make a Superman game. If we compile ideas and things from other games I'm pretty sure we could create the greatest Superman game. So add anything you think would or could help make a great Superman game.

I for one would love it if they used the Shadow of Colossus idea when there are no enemies to fight only bosses. Superman has some pretty ok baddies. So folks like Parasite, Doomsday, Mongul, Metallo, and General Zod. Could all just play has boss battles.