From bloggers to journalist

I've been following tech for sometime. I may have picked up on Engadget maybe 8 years ago. I've always been a bit of a media hound and I've read the Washington post, and things of their elk for a good portion of my life. Reading blog after blog, I would always complain, although not in the comments, about the quality and consistency of blogging content. It was so bad I actually had to stop reading so I could get back to work on my job. Well something change all that and it was The Verge.

I find it kinda amazing how well this group of people I gotten very familiar reading for the past couple of years have grown, and expanded their role in media. The Panel at CES this year was fantastic, and every time i watch on the verge it's funny how I think they'll do better the next time and they actually do. It's funny that Newsroom premiered this past week and I feel that type of spirit going on in the office in New York and the various satellite locations. From personal experience I know how hard it can be to do a good job and not get any recognition. I just want to give you all (yall) some props for doing such a good job, and I can see the direction you are heading and I am 100% behind it.