Vizio 27inch AIO My first impression: Windows the Vizio way


Well I took a jaunt down to my local Walmart today and guess what I came across? Yup! The 27inch Vizio AIO!


(FYI: Walmart employee in the reflection)


Not only did I see it, I also caressed it and would have proceeded to give it the Josh Topolsky treatment had it not been for a Walmart employee sneaking up behind me. The device is quit the looker.

No lies here but this AIO is on the same aesthetic level with the iMac (Even slightly above IMO with the accessories included). It's all about the clean lines and slick brushed metal look, all features that would make me throw out my living room HDTV and replace it with this (As I write this I've begun considering this). When you add the accessories to the equation it takes the entire device to another level as the lamp-like speakers, keyboard, touchpad and remote are minimalist and futuristic looking.



Stop the presses! The keyboard is actually not bad as it looks like it might be from stock photos. The carry from a keyboard press is quite comfortable and somewhat comparable to what I've experience on HP's Elitebook and the Lenovo ThinkPad line. Unfortunately I wasn't able to play with the Touchpad as my time with it expired and someone else wanted to see it.



All in all, this is a device that I'd definitely want in my house especially after it's prepped with Windows 8 features like NFC and touch capacity etc. Looking forward to the Verge review! Thanks Vizio for taking the revolution to provide fantastic Windows computing devices to the next level.




1 Negative

There was a Walmart employee close-by that was apparently trying to put me in the know how about this device not knowing that I was already knowledgeable of it. The thing is that the person wasn't doing a good job at it. Vizio will need more enthusiastic, educated sounding people to explain stuff if they want to sell a lot (my suggestion).