Graphic designer and artist Michael Alfred Seibert has opened Print Fiction, a temporary exhibition of digital art from a number of well-known artists. Rather than renting a physical space for the exhibition, Seibert used the free game engine Unity to create a virtual gallery floating in 3D space. Print Fiction features work from 17 artists, including Seibert himself, across eight inter-connected "rooms." Art included in the gallery ranges from flat images to 3D sculpture, and some exhibits include sound. Through creating a virtual gallery, Seibert facilitates the juxtaposition of the separate pieces, as you would find in a traditional art gallery, rather than viewing each as single images on a webpage.

Navigation through the space is akin to a gravity-free first-person-shooter, with controls mapped to the arrow keys and mouse. Clicking on each item in the gallery will bring up a small description of the piece along with the artist's details and website. Seibert created the gallery for his degree at the Academy of Visual Arts in Leipzig, Germany. Print Fiction will run through to June 24th, whereafter the digital lights will switch off and Seibert will presumably go back to designing disorientating personal websites.