This is the Windows 8 I dreamed of

Well Well! The highly anticipated Windows 8 Release Preview and what is supposed to be the last pre-RTM version of Windows 8 is finally here! I downloaded and dual-booted the 3.3GB Leviathan bubbling over with the joy of a school-kid at a party of sports. I have taken some looks at reviews from popular tech sites like the Gizmodo and our dear Verge but something else that I have viewed, is the video introduction to Windows 8 that is found on the download website and boy am I excited!

What Microsoft showed in that video is exactly what I wanted to see/to see advertised or displayed to the world. Throuhgout the video various Windows 8 user cases are shown. From the Person on the Desktop, to the person on a laptop to the person in the kitchen on a tablet, the common trend I picked up, is how nice and smooth the experience is. Before today (and it could be quite possibly going on today as well) it seemed as if many people were crying out about how herky-jerky Windows 8 would be on a PC device like a laptop or Desktop. "Keep Metro on tablets" is their cry, while not paying much mind to the fact that Microsoft has stated that they would be working to make the experience as seamless as possible. Sure there will be a learning curve, but it won’t be as massive as it could’ve been and that’s expected seeing that Windows 8 is the most revolutionary Windows OS to date.

The Lenovo Yoga Hybrid

What particularly got me excited about the video (besides the beauty, speed and integration of metro) was the cameo by the lovely Lenovo Yoga hybrid computer.The lovely device transformed into a laptop from a tablet with one fell swoop and that’s the type of convenience I expect to see in many Windows 8 devices. Another nice thing about this video, was how bubbly the theme of it was (music etc) and up, close and personal they advertised Windows 8. That video only lasted 1:03 but they gave me a really nice feeling about the OS in that short period of time. I believe that this is the type of advertising Windows Phone needs more of. Advertising that shows the features and benefits, up close and personal with the notifications rolling in, being able to like a friend’s post from within the people’s hub, sharing a video you’re watching in real-time etc. Last but not least, something in this video that got me excited about Windows 8 was how they feature the multi-user account capability. That is a killer feature over the iPad and current Android tabs. Who knows? Maybe multi-user accounts might be a new feature in iOS 6 (because using 1 account on the iPad is pretty dreadful imo), but now we can safely say that Windows 8 featured it first.

All that’s left, is for Microsoft to put the final touches on the OS, including some additional features that would render Windows 8 feature complete. As long as they continue in this same vein I see no reason why Windows 8 will not be the resounding success that Windows 7 is. Well..that is, unless everyone isn’t believing in change anymore because change is good, especially if it’s for the better!