If you find yourself in Los Angeles tonight, perhaps for the impending video game event humans know as E3, we hope you'll consider joining The Verge and Polygon tonight for an evening of laughter, crying, and free drinks provided by our pals at Snapdragon by Qualcomm.

If you need convincing, we'll itemize what we're offering:

  • Free food and drinks (oh yeah, you have to be 21 or older – sorry!)
  • Free stuff courtesy of Verizon (phones and stuff!)
  • Free ear entertainment provided by DJ Trent
  • Free entergament thanks to a handful of XBLA titles, like Skulls of the Shogun, Super TIME Force, and Spelunky

All we're asking for in return is for you to come and have a good time. Because we're fun vampires and we feed off of your enjoyment. You can find us at Broadway Bar (830 South Broadway) from 7 to 11 p.m. today, June 3rd. We can't wait to see you!