Today during a streaming video conference, Nintendo detailed the final version of the Wii U controller, which it is calling the Wii U GamePad. Nintendo has made some notable tweaks and revisions to the prototype version detailed last year at E3, adding a new NFC reader and writer, motion and gyroscope sensors, and fully-independent infrared TV remote functionality. The thumbsliders have been replaced by analog thumbsticks, which now support L3 and R3 inward depressions. Nintendo has also made adjustments to the controller's ergonomics and dimensions, adding new handgrips on the bottom, making the GamePad wider, and adjusting the button layout. The Wii U GamePad and the Wii U console were shown in both black and white variations, though its unclear if the company will offer other color selections as well.

For games that have not been optimized for the Wii U, Nintendo also introduced the Wii U Pro Controller, a Xbox 360-style controller with dual analog thumbsticks. The conference also offered new insights into the Wii U's new online network and social features. More details about the system are expected to be revealed at Nintendo's E3 press conference on Tuesday at 9:00am PDT.