Evo 4G LTE Tips & Tricks

So I just purchased my new Evo LTE yesterday and so far I LOVE this phone. No regret whatsoever. My previous phone was the OG Evo, and I loved that phone as well but over the last 2 years I ran it into the ground.

To get to the point, I've noticed that the new Sense UI and ICS have a lot of changes. Awesome changes for the most part, but once in a while I find myself lost within a UI that I thought would be a flawless transition for me. I'm by no means a beginner level user and I'm usually able to figure things out quickly when it comes to electronics. So I wanted to see if other people out there with the Evo LTE have found some nice little software features that maybe I haven't seen yet, or potential problems and work arounds coming from the OG Evo to the Evo LTE. For example... the dedicated camera shutter button having two stages to it (which I'm a little disappointed that when the second stage is depressed there is no button click). Or how the new 'Bookmarks' widget does not show web pages in a list, but instead uses a page image for each one (I don't like this feature and I wish I could change it and for some reason it also shows my Chrome bookmarks which I don't want to use, I just want to program a few bookmarks that I want easily accessible on one of my screens).

Have at it everyone.

Thanks to everyone in advice for any input.