Isn't Android's system wide search older than Siri?

From the Verge's update:

Update: We've now had a chance to review the imposing 101 page injunction order and while there's obviously a lot going on, the core of the order is actually relatively simple. The court found that each of the four asserted Apple patents is likely infringed and valid, but only issued an injunction for infringement of the '604 patent. Judge Koh reasoned that unlike the other three patents, the '604 patent covered the highly valued unified search feature of Siri that contributed greatly to consumer demand for the iPhone 4S. Moreover, the court held that Android's infringing "Quick Search Box" feature was touted by Google as a "core user feature on Android" and, therefore, was also a key selling point for the Galaxy Nexus. From there the judge concluded that Apple would suffer irreparable harm in the form of significant lost market share if sales of the Galaxy Nexus, and its unified search capabilities, continued:

Android has had system wide search since FroYo. Why is it infringing on Siri's tech when Siri is newer?