Wanted Microsoft Surface...now nexus 7?

After the announcement a couple of weeks ago I had my mind set on buying the RT version of Surface when it is released. Love metro, love windows phone, love windows 8 release preview....

...then google release the nexus 7 which will cost £199 in the UK which I would "guess" would be around £300 cheaper than the Microsoft Surface.

My situation is that I have Lenovo Thinkpad from where I work which I have to use because of the software I use and getting onto the network is completely locked down so the Surface/Nexus would be completely for media consumption mainly films, internet and books/magazines.

Having watched a number of video reviews the interface on the nexus 7 looks pretty smooth and tidy but maybe not up to windows 8 standards. Integration of the google play store looks good and the hardware looks decent quality for the money.

Am now in a serious dilemma - jump ship now and go all in on android and get a samsung s3 and nexus 7 or hold my water and wait for surface and the wp8 phone line up (although I have concerns that there may not be an equivalent phone to the s3 at launch).

How many of you guys would buy the nexus instead of waiting for surface?